Remote Troubleshooting

Problems activating DocsPDite?

Given the complexity of today's computing environment, sometimes there are snags and problems when activating our software.   To provide a "hands on approach" we have purchased Team Viewer which enables us to remotely troubleshoot your installation.

Keep in mind we are a small shop and do not have a 24/7 support system.   Please send a message via the Contact Us menu first and once we have a mutually convenient time, return here to download and launch the viewer software (link is below).

After launching the viewer, send us via email Your ID and password (see the photo below for an example)

Following receipt of your data, we will then connect to your machine and correct the issue at hand.

Note: This support software is portable and makes no changes to your system.   It can be safely deleted when the session is complete, or it can be retained in case of future needs.   The ID and password are unique to each computer on which the software runs.

Download Remote Support Software

Our History

Our 12th year

Our site is an outgrowth of writing utility programs for our own use.   We are working on a new site design which will be "tablet friendly"

Upcoming Software

We have some new utilities in the works.   These include some freeware for managing passwords and some new shareware products.   We're also continuing to work on our web site design and add new features.   Check this box for updates.