Phonetic Password Generator

Our Phonetic Password Generator is a program to assist in today's security conscious environment.

Download Phonetic Password Generator

Features of our Phonetic Password Generator

  • Complex Passwords Passwords generated generally meet complexity requirements when using numbers
  • Pronouncable (Phonetic) The passwords resemble real words and some can be pronounced making them easy to remember.
  • Easy to Remember Makes writing the password down (and losing security) unnecessary
  • New edition of April, 2011 permits two patterns of vowels and consonants

Examples of Generated Passwords

  • a7ofata6
  • age3ofa7
  • exa9ete9
  • ire6ila6
  • revihiko
  • matomibo

One key to successful use of the program is to keep clicking Generate until a password that can be remembered is shown.

Our History

Our 12th year

Our site is an outgrowth of writing utility programs for our own use.   We are working on a new site design which will be "tablet friendly"

Upcoming Software

We have some new utilities in the works.   These include some freeware for managing passwords and some new shareware products.   We're also continuing to work on our web site design and add new features.   Check this box for updates.