DocsPDite 2010

Overview of DocsPDite

DocsPDite is an industrial strength text and document indexing and retrieval software.   Useful for managing documents and text files (most popular formats supported) and quickly finding and opening them in the original application.   Since its release in December of 2010 our program has become very popular with thousands of customers in 44 countries spanning the globe.   Useful in recruitment for managing resumes or any business (or invididual) who generates large numbers of documents and needs to track them quickly and reliably.

New Version Coming — New Lower Price

A new lower price of $19.95 went into effect, 4 April 2013.

We are completely revamping the software which will be named DocsPDite 2014 and released later this year.   Since we are phasing out the current edition it is now priced at $19.95 (USD) and all purchasers will receive free upgrades to the new edition which will be priced at the previous level of $24.95.   This is your chance to get both editions for the same price.   This takes place immediately as of Apr 4, 2013.

Download DocsPDite or the converter

Use this link to download the setup file.  
Download DocsPDite 2010 Desktop
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Note: The library converter is only for paid and activated installations where both 1.9 and 2010 editions are working on the same machine.   This is restricted to 32-bit platforms (not Win7), XP and Vista.

Download the 1.9 Converter.  
Download DocsPDite Data Converter
Information for customers using DocsPDite 1.9CE or earlier who want to upgrade.  
Upgrade Details

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Key Features

DocsPDite 2010 offers these key features

  • New look and feel with 64-bit compatibility
  • Import text from the following formats
    • Microsoft Word - 1997 through 2010 editions (doc & docx)
    • Word Perfect - Any WPD file will import
    • Adobe Reader - Easily import PDF documents and open them in the reader.
    • Plain Text - Stop using notepad, just edit direct into any library (import also works)
    • HTML - Import any HTM or HTML page and find the text and launch in your browser later
    • EMail - Any email client capable of saving files as EML format can be supported
  • Industrial strength search engine enabling complex logic
  • Ability to share libraries with other users (easy import/export)
  • Backup and restore easily.

Installing/Updating DocsPDite 2010

If DocsPDite is already installed, simply install a new edition over the existing one.   If previously activated, the activation will be recognized.

The best way to discover all the features, is to download the software and start using it.   The shareware limits of an unactivated install never expire and permit up to 3 libraries with 1000 documents each.   This is sufficient for testing the software to the limits and if a small amount of text is all you have, then continue using the software without purchase.

Latest Features

New Version Coming

1Complete re-write in progress for DocsPDite 2014 featuring new interface and other features.

220% Price reduction to $19.95 from now until the new edition is available.   Customers who purchase for the reduced price now get a free upgrade when the 2014 edition is released.   We are targeting first quarter 2014 as the release date.   We will put a notice here a couple of weeks before the official release so visitors can take advantage of the price reduction.

Our History

Our 12th year

Our site is an outgrowth of writing utility programs for our own use.   We are working on a new site design which will be "tablet friendly"

Upcoming Software

We have some new utilities in the works.   These include some freeware for managing passwords and some new shareware products.   We're also continuing to work on our web site design and add new features.   Check this box for updates.