Windows 10

DocsPDite 2010 and Windows 10

Installing DocsPDite 2010 onto Windows 10   is very similar to that used on Windows 7 or Windows 8.   Namely, download the setup file, open the downloads folder and then right click the setup and choose "Run as administrator" from the menu.   Windows 10 will ask for permission to let the program run.

Follow these step by step instructions:

1Download DocsPDite using this link: Download Setup

2Open "This PC" on the Windows 10 desktop and double click Downloads to view the file location.

3Right click the file dxp2010disk1.exe and choose Run as Administrator

4Follow the installation wizard until it's finished.   Then run the program from it's desktop shortcut by double clicking the icon.

How to Install DocsPDite

Installing DocsPDite 2010

Installing DocsPDite 2010 is a fairly standard process.   The usual method is to download the setup file, browse to it on your local computer and then right click and choose "Run as Administrator"

Follow these step by step instructions:

1Download DocsPDite using this link: Download Setup

2Open a Windows explorer window and browse to where the file was saved (usually Downloads)

3Right click the file dxpdisk1.exe and choose Run as Administrator

4Follow the installation wizard until it's finished.   Then run the program from it's desktop shortcut or the All Programs list.

DocsPDite Upgrade

We've had many requests for information regarding upgrading DocsPDite 1.9 or earlier to DocsPDite 2010.   This article is intended to answer those questions.

Note: Please do not attempt to use old 1.9, 1.7, etc., codes to activate DocsPDite 2010.   It will not work as our security model has changed completely and DocsPDite 1.9 and earlier are no longer being supported.

Rhapsody in Design, LLC is the new owner of the software, copyrights and other interests of DocsPDite and other products originally developed by PragmaDigm, Inc.   PragmaDigm, Inc., no longer exists as a business entity.   Rhapsody in Design, LLC retains PragmaDigm as a trademark and we also own the domain.

When we acquired the software we wanted to reward existing customers by providing top quality software coupled with excellent customer service.   The first order of business was to produce and publish a new edition of DocsPDite to accomodate the many changes in Windows and documents since DocsPDite 1.0 was originally written in 2002.   This new edition required a considerable investment of time and money to meet our goal of keeping the program's operation as close as possible to its predecessor while adding many new features.   We wanted existing customers to feel comfortable quickly with the new interface.   DocsPDite 2010 is the result and was made available in December, 2010

As we promised the previous owners, customers who ordered DocsPDite in the 12 month period preceding our acquisition were provided free activation codes for DocsPDite 2010.

After trying a manual process of upgrading we finally reached the decision that this would have to be automated.   The best way to do this is automated delivery of activation codes by our payment processing service Fast Spring.

To accomodate both existing and new customers, we lowered the price of the software from $29.00 (USD) to $24.95 (USD).   Here's a list of what you receive for $24.95.

1All changes, new features for the life of DocsPDite 2010 without any additional charges.

2A free upgrade to DocsPDite's successor.   This new edition (currently under development) will offer many new features.

3Technical support via phone or remote troubleshooting over the Internet

4Automated delivery of activation codes within a couple of minutes after purchase confirmation.

This is a significantly enhanced set of features for the small price of $4.05 (USD) [$4.05 is the difference between the current new price and the old upgrade price of $19.00 (USD)].

Buy Now

Download DocsPDite or the converter

Note: The library converter is only for paid and activated installations where both 1.9 and 2010 editions are working on the same machine.   This is restricted to 32-bit platforms (not Win7), XP and Vista.

Upgrades have become a real issue for small developers and we don't want to operate on the same business model as some large software houses who have done away with upgrades forcing a new purchase on a regular basis.   We also dislike maintenance agreements with annual fees.   Dealing with that when purchasing our tools is a constant reminder that our customers dislike it as well.

We hope this explains our thought process when acquiring this business and the associated issues of maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.   We believe we're doing something right as we have new customers in 43 countries and all 6 populated continents.   We have ideas for new software (some free and some paid) which we believe all our customers and visitors will enjoy.   Stay tuned and watch our blog.

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