DocsPDite, text indexing and document management software with an industrial-strength desktop search engine makes managing and retrieving your text files, office suite and other documents a breeze.   This edition fully embraces 64-bit Windows including Windows 7, 8 and 10 editions.   Click the image to download.

Popular in the recruitment field for managing resumes in Word format, DocsPDite is useful for anybody, employee or personal, who needs to track large quantities of documents or tidbits of information in a single place.   This edition supports diverse formats including the most popular office suites, Open Office, WordPerfect and Microsoft Office.

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Password Generator

Our Phonetic Password Generator makes quick work of producing strong passwords that are easily remembered.   Popular for many years, this little freeware gem sports a new look and more options.

Given today's emphasis (and necessity of) strong passwords to maintain security, the very security being sought can be undermined with passwords that can't be remembered.   We use this all the time to produce pseudo words that can be pronounced and remembered.

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Process Killer

Process Killer is a freeware program to terminate unruly programs that have frozen or otherwise gone insane.

The complexity of modern operating systems almost ensures there will be conflicts in software operation.   This power user utility is the answer for those times when programs will not gracefully exit.   Intended for advanced users only, it goes about its work quickly and without asking bothersome questions.

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Contacts Manager 3.0

Our Contacts manager program is a full-featured freeware address book and contact manager for tracking personal details of friends, relatives and business associates.

Using a modern interface this program fits the needs of many people.   We're working on an updated shareware feature enabling synchronizing with smart phones via Bluetooth.

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Tray Gear

Tray Gear offers a shortcut key based popup menu with the most commonly used computer management and utility functions.

The goal is to save time hunting down management features which are scattered in many places.

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DocsPDite 2010

Overview of DocsPDite

DocsPDite is an industrial strength text and document indexing and retrieval software.   Useful for managing documents and text files (most popular formats supported) and quickly finding and opening them in the original application.   Since its release in December of 2010 our program has become very popular with thousands of customers in 44 countries spanning the globe.   Useful in recruitment for managing resumes or any business (or invididual) who generates large numbers of documents and needs to track them quickly and reliably.

New Lower Price

A new lower price of $19.95 is in effect.

We are completely revamping the software which will be renamed and available in late 2015 or early 2016.   Since we are phasing out the current edition it is now priced at $19.95 (USD) and all purchasers will receive free upgrades to the new edition which will be priced at the previous level of $24.95.   This is your chance to get both editions for the same price. There are too many new features to list and as we get closer to a beta version look for a new web site design as well.   The new edition will be a total re-write from the ground up.

Download DocsPDite

Use this link to download the setup file.  
Download DocsPDite 2010
View a video showing the download, install and activation process updated for Windows 10       View Video

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Key Features

DocsPDite 2010 offers these key features

  • New look and feel with 64-bit compatibility (Windows XP, 7,8 and 10)
  • Import text from the following formats
    • Microsoft Word - 1997 through 2010 editions (doc & docx)
    • Word Perfect - Any WPD file will import
    • Adobe Reader - Easily import PDF documents and open them in the reader.
    • Plain Text - Stop using notepad, just edit direct into any library (import also works)
    • HTML - Import any HTM or HTML page and find the text and launch in your browser later
    • EMail - Any email client capable of saving files as EML format can be supported
  • Industrial strength search engine enabling complex logic
  • Ability to share libraries with other users (easy import/export)
  • Backup and restore easily.

Installing/Updating DocsPDite 2010

If DocsPDite is already installed, simply install a new edition over the existing one.   If previously activated, the activation will be recognized.

The best way to discover all the features, is to download the software and start using it.   The shareware limits of an unactivated install never expire and permit up to 3 libraries with 1000 documents each.   This is sufficient for testing the software to the limits and if a small amount of text is all you have, then continue using the software without purchase.

Latest News

Newest Software Changes

1DocsPDite 2010 Build 210 release from 1 October 2015 is fully compatible with Windows 10.   Install the same as a Windows 7 or 8 computer.   New video posted showing download, install and activate using Windows 10 (look at the left article near the download button)   Updated: (1 October 2015)

2We are updating all our free utility programs for Windows 10.   Process Killer is done with others following soon.   Updated: (26 Sep 2015)

3Complete re-write in progress for DocsPDite featuring a new interface and many other new features.

Last updated: 1 October 2015

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